28-day Good-Habit Playbook (PDF)



The 28-day Good-Habit Playbook is financed by Erasmus+ and Baltijas Regionalais fonds supported project “Quality vs Quantity". 




    The 28-day Good-Habit Playbook is a 28-day healthy habit journal with exercises for each day.


    This playbook helps you to kickstart good habits by giving you 1 task each day for 4 weeks straight. This book guides you through a journey of testing out different types of good habits to find the one favourite you want to continue after finishing the playbook. Tasks are designed simple enough for everyone to be able to complete them. And in about 5-15min. The collected methods include mental, emotional, functional & social elements for balanced self-development.


    Tasks include gratefulness journaling, creating a sleeping pattern, 15min home workouts, different meditation techniques, planning & evaluation etc. Join the facebook group to learn more about the tasks and connect with others.


    One more goodie: You can also participate in local QLife events. Find your closest one:

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    The playbook is designed by Arta Citko (Happy Playbooks) in collaboration with Erasmus+ and Baltijas Regionalais fonds supported project “Quality vs Quantity".


    PDF: A4 size. 28 pages. Made with love in Latvia.


    “We just bought the whole suite of Playbooks and can’t wait to use them with our students this term! They are the perfect tool for our holistic education model that focuses on supporting our students to build and apply their skills to achieve their learning, life and work goals. 

    Our students who have trailed the career direction and healthy habits books over the holidays LOVE them! They make complex processes fun and engaging and enhance the learning experience. Being able to record all their thinking, ideas and plans in one handy place, rather than on lots of different worksheets, is also a Dream for students and teachers alike!”

    - Nia Lewis, Learning Architect at Youth Inc., Australia


    Happy Playbooks is a support tool for creative processes in a paper workbook form and now also as printable worksheets. 


    It guides through a structured thinking process and helps to maintain focus on the task, providing a place where the user can write down the most important details form the creative process and to "connect the dots" ar the end. It also functions as an archive.


    Both, the paper playbooks and the printable worksheets are suitable for grown-ups and for students. For individual work and workshops, as a tool for teams, consultants, teachers and parents.

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