Brand Character Summary Paper is a one-page cheat-sheet for internal use in company. Mainly for marketing purposes. Print it > fill it > and stick in on the wall for everyone to be on the same page. This page.



It can help you to stay visually & verbally consistent in your communication through many different marketing channels we have today: website, social media posts, newsletters, videos, printed media, events and even customer support and direct sales. Every new member of your company should know who the Brand Character is. How it looks, sounds, feels & what it likes to do and so on.

Originally I created this template as the final step of defining the brand character in Brand Character Playbook. So, basically what you get here is one chapter from the playbook. YAY! Free stuff!

Usually the next step after the playbook is putting together a brand style guide (see example). And I can help you with that. But lets talk about it another time.



I have noticed a lot of new businesses (startups, self-employed etc) have nice looking visuals and videos but often lack consistency in their communication in different social media channels and so on. For example each facebook post looks very different from the previous ones + printed leaflets looks like from a different company. That is like having a friend who every time looks & talks like different person.

To make friends with your followers & customers you want to have it all consistent. Take for example Adidas. You recognise those 3 stripes immediately. Same with Facebook blue colour. Or McDonalds red + yellow. Or Coca Cola hot red + white curvy lines. You name it! Probably the best example is cross and and it's brand character - Jesus. Some pray for it, some hate it, some are scared of it. Well, that is the power of good and consistent branding.

The best thing to do would be defining the elements you are going to use and then stick to that. For this purpose you can use my free template here. Or dive deeper into defining your brand character and get the Brand Character Playbook or book a branding workshop with me.



In the Summary Paper you define and put on one page what you already have or want to have. Brand name, slogan, values, colors, tone of voice etc. It is also good to use in brainstorming when you / your team want to define these things for the first time.

Extra descriptions about each point is included in the PDF file pages 3 and 4. Have fun!



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