Brand Character Playbook - a creative branding template

20-page template for discovering your brand personality by Arta Citko.

It is a book where you can write & draw. The playbook is a 6-step journey through which you can discover new aspects about your project and your brand character a.k.a. brand personality. And you will have a result in the end. And it can be done in a few hours.

The Brand Character Playbook helps to define the feel, voice & image of your brand.

It clarifies what colours to use in visuals. What tone of voice to speak. What are the main shapes & symbols. What are the guiding values. For consistency across different communication channels. And it is fun.

Is it for me?

Most useful for:

> startup founders ​

> self-employed​

> designers​

> project managers

.. and for anyone with a business idea.

How does it work?

There are tasks where you write. There are tasks where you draw. And there are tasks where you dream. Then comes the final task. It has questions on the left side. You draw the answers on the right side. You have filled all the page. And there you have it! Your brand character is alive! YAY!

First you answer questions. Then your answers build the brand character.

Who made it?

Hi, my name is Arta Citko. I'm a creator of many projects and a designer with a background in many things, including branding, mentoring, advertising, social media marketing, start-ups & entrepreneurship. I've also managed to start 2 companies and write 2 books. I like to draw. That is why I drew a book. A book where you can draw.

How does it help?

With playbook method you can experience how the little separate ideas and thoughts come together to create a bigger answer. Some people have found the right company name, a new tagline, some have got an idea of how the packaging will look like, some have found out more about themselves, some have defined their values for the first time, some have got a more clear picture of how to position the brand to people.

With Brand Character Playbook you get non-material things on paper.


“A brand persona is the collection of a business’ personality traits, attitudes, values and strengths ― human-like characteristics that are easy for customers to relate to and bond with."


With Brand Character Playbook there is no specific experience, education or training needed.

I collected all that complicated knowledge during my last 10 years. And distilled here in a simple human version for you.

What esle is there?

Use the result as basis for your visual identity. And social media communication.

Show the result to your designer, customer service, sales people, marketing people. When you and people in your company know the brand character it makes the communication consistent. Inside the company and with customers. And it is fun. There will be inside jokes.

Social media, customer service, advertising, video, direct sales, email - all of these channel the brand personality, the brand character. Playbook helps you to discover this character!


"There is a brand character and there is customer character. They are like two people. Just in a bigger scale."



and discover your brand character!

A few good words, a.k.a. REVIEWS

"Something never seen before, but absolutely amazing!"

- Sabine Soursa, Project Manager at South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences

"I think all my friends in my field would get a lot out of this book. We don't have marketing, sales studies and most will still become entrepreneurs."

- Onerva Franck, Graphic Designer from Finland

"This book appeared right in time: when I started building my biggest project and everything had been managed in digital tools. But this book is about something more: it asks you about the values, pains, motivations. It asks and advice things that rarely pops in head while creating your business. This makes you fall in love with your idea."

- Greta Galubauskaite, UI/UX instructor, Lithuania

"Absolutely loved her brand character playbook! Super cool design and very easy to follow. Absolutely awesome work!"

- Tahlia Henderson, Business Analyst at Volstrom, Monaco

"In only 3 hours, Arta saved me months of work and wasted time. I like to think of her playbook as the Business Model Canvas of Branding - it is like a practical crash-course in branding. It also enables you to get creative and write down things you never knew you that you knew! We used her playbook to guide a creative process that helped me learn and discover more about my own idea. She helped me look at my business idea from another angle and to help me communicate my messages more clearly. She helped me define the right words to use, simplified my tagline and actively involved me by making me express my ideas through drawing images - this led to the design of my logo."

- Mike Newman, CEO of Little Green, energy innovation, UK

"Besides being probably the most positive person I know Arta is a true professional. Arta helped me and my company define our brand in the early stages. The guidelines she has put in her playbook are just the right thing for an early stage startup as well as for any company who wants to create a defined face. It makes you think of your company as a person and its values. I see it as exactly the right approach. In addition the exercises in the playbook make you really think it through so that the all in all message is loud and clear once finished. She and her playbook makes you think in a way you have not thought before!"

- Martin Vares, CEO of, Estonia

Agnis said his ideas became more clear.

Agnis also said he enjoyed the process.

That he likes the approach and the book.

Agnis said he will use this in life.

Agnis Stibe is a Professor of Transformational Sociotech Design, ESLSCA Business School Paris, MIT Media Lab.



and discover your brand character!

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