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There is one rare combination of skills that Arta has. Very well versed in marketing and communications with high talent and skills in graphic design. Importance of this I cannot emphasize enough. To understand what a specific brand stands for and translate it into the language of visualization. That requires not only years of experience and understanding. That shows also the ability to read other people and to understand branding core values.
Besides this Arta also showed a very deep interest in the project as if she was a project owner. So there was no need for additional explanations and expectations. That came effortless and by default. 
Awesome experience and I am looking forward to working on even more projects with Arta!


Kaspars Vendelis -

Public Speaker, co-founder of Biohacking.lv








Besides being probably the most positive person I know Arta is a true professional. Arta helped me and my company define our brand in the early stages. The guidelines she has put in her playbook are just the right thing for an early stage startup as well as for any company who wants to create a defined face. It makes you think of your company as a person and its values. I see it as exactly the right approach. In addition, the exercises in the playbook make you really think it through so that the all in all message is loud and clear once finished. She and her playbook make you think in a way you have not thought before!


Martin Vares -

CEO of Fractory.co








I was finding it challenging to identify my USPs and to design my brand for my Startup - Little Green. In only 3 hours, Arta saved me months of work and wasted time. We used her playbook to guide a creative process that helped me learn and discover more about my own idea. She helped me look at my business idea from another angle and to help me communicate my messages more clearly. She helped me define the right words to use, simplified my tagline and actively involved me by making me express my ideas through drawing images - this led to the design of my logo. I like to think of her playbook as the Business Model Canvas of Branding - it is like a practical crash-course in branding. It also enables you to get creative and write down things you never knew you that you knew! Most importantly, Arta is fun, personable, and highly engaged in the process so she actively develops your ideas with you. I couldn’t have done it without her.


Mike Newman

Wind energy innovation consultant,

CEO of Pelergy








Arta redesigned our Let's Co-organise logo and made it look more fresh, creative and innovative. Communication with her was really smooth and we feel she really captured what we wanted to reflect. We totally recommend her services and her creative mind :)


Valentina Demori 

Community organisers from Brighton, UK

Let's Co-organise








It was absolute pleasure working with Arta during Garage48 hackathon. Arta showed full potential of her talent, creativity, strong character and determination. Apart of doing great job with branding, visual identity, content, UI/UX design, she was the source of positive vibes and team motivation and optimism. Arta also showed great presentation and pitching skills.


Armin Konjalic 

Regional Director at East-West Digital News,

teammate & mentor at Garage48 + Startup Slalom Sharing Economy hackathon






I really do like the EVS-Logo. It combines all the important symbols connected to travelling: Awesome!


Leon Brülke 

European Volunteer Service

EVS Hidden Places








Arta was an absolute pleasure to work with! She designed the logos for our catering business and was brilliant through the whole process. She was so clear on what she needed from us, gave us feedback and updates regularly and we were just so impressed with her communication and design work. Can't wait to work with her again!


Sophie Cohen

Brighton based home cooks

Cactus Kitchen Gals








About Arta's 'Career playbook' - this little book made me smile. It showed me that not only some but all of my ideas can be turned into a business. It also made me realise that I don't know much about other people and brands that do things similar to my ideas.
Taking this zoomed-out-perspective
of my career plan led me to see new connections between my ideas, which also gave me completely new ideas. This book helps to step out from all the imaginary boundaries that limit us to take important small steps towards our big goals. It would be very useful to anyone trying to decide their life path, especially students. In my opinion, every student should go through this kind of self-evaluating book, maybe even regularly to see how their interests and desires change over time. I hope it gets out there!


Rihards Anins









In just two days Arta surprised me three times. And 100% were positive surprises. I'll elaborate on that: 
1) I met her at an accelerator mentors meeting where we were discussing our recent brand changes. While we were talking, she took her laptop, open graphic design program and within
In just two days Arta surprised me three times. And 100% were positive surprises. I'll elaborate on that: 
few seconds showed solution to the issue I was talking about, and one I'd never thought about myself. Well, as it was a visual issue, the solution, being visual, was perfect. Her actions speak more than her words. 
2) I asked her to help us tweak our logo and one app screen design. We arranged she'll send price quote within a couple of days. Instead of that, I received colour recommendations and upgraded logo versions. We arranged pricing afterwards. I just love that approach - trust as default
3) And her approach to pricing surprised me as well. An entrepreneurial approach indeed. 
Well done Arta!


Ansis Lipenitis

CEO of Motivio.eu




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