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Graphic design service for big and small companies.

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I have worked on pretty much everything - starting from condom packaging design 15 years ago to rebranding of the Ministry of Education and Science in the recent years. 



My favorite thing is to turn ideas into playful and engaging visuals. I am most interested in collaborating on short-term small-medium size projects related to playful learning, wellbeing and entrepreneurship. No matter print or digital. Bring it on!


See my latest work or a bit outdated portfolio on Behance

What I have worked on:

logos, visual identities, brand style guides, packaging design, document design, illustrations, infographics, social media templates, website design, app design, map design, banners, rollups, one-pagers, business cards, pitch deck design, packaging design, advertising campaigns, key visuals, POS materials, and more.

Workshops & Mentoring

I also facilitate brand design workshops for founders individually and in groups, in startup accelerators and incubators to help gain more clarity about brand design and visual communication of the brand or specific products. 

“Good design is like a refrigerator—when it works, no one notices, but when it doesn’t, it sure stinks.”

–Irene Au


Arta Citko - Visual Designer

About Arta


Latvian. Creative Partner. 10+ years of experience in Graphic Design. Creator of Happy Playbooks. Brand & Design Consultant, Startup Mentor and Certified Coach (Erickson International). Have worked in Latvia & the UK in-house and remotely. Currently freelancing and open for collaboration.


Guna Kalnina

 Transformational coach and

 HR Management consultant

I cooperated with Arta twice - first was text design + visual identity, second - Intelligent Career cards colour and text design. Cooperation twice - that's already is a sign of quality :) and I have plans for the 3rd and 4th project together with Arta. 

Arta is very responsive, creative and precise. With attention to details, still - keeping in mind a big picture. It'a rare quality for creative millennials :)

Mirza Sagdati

Founder and Program Lead

at Red Brick Accelerator

Arta is a fantastic coach and easy to work with. She hosted a brand strategy workshop in Red Brick Accelerator program and helped to coach our teams. The teams have received individual help via 1-on-1 coaching.


She had a very thorough approach to brand building, introducing brand basics, tools and guidelines. The startups found her session very useful as it improved their brand identities and empower them to build on it. According to the session feedback, startup teams in our batch really liked it (it was rated 9.4 out of 10).

Kaspars Vendelis

Keynote speaker, author and

Co-creator of

There is one rare combination of skills that Arta has. Very well versed in marketing and communications with high talent and skills in graphic design. To understand what a specific brand stands for and translate it into the language of visualization. That shows also the ability to read other people and to understand branding core values.


Awesome experience and I am looking forward to working on even more projects with Arta!


Latest work

Screenshot 2022-10-04 at 11.35.36.png
Latest work
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