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Self-coaching workbooks with practical tasks that present the complex in a simple way help to put thoughts on paper and turn them into action.

They might look like they are for kids, but they're not. They're for your inner child. 


Happy Playbooks are playful self-coaching workbooks. They are made to inspire for action and to strengthen our creative solution-finding muscles. Available as paper workbooks and printable e-books (PDF).








Brand Character Playbook


Discover your brand persona and it's characteristics. Works in both cases - when you already have an existing business or are just exploring a business idea. Suitable for individual work and workshops.

Languages: 🇬🇧/️️ 🇱🇻



Career Direction Playbook


Discover your possible career or business direction. Suitable for individual work, workshops and career consultations. 

Languages: 🇬🇧/️️ 🇱🇻



Smart Parenting Playbook


Create mutually accepting, complementing and flourishing relationships with children. Suitable for parents with preschool and elementary school children. 

Languages: 🇬🇧/️️ 🇱🇻


Personal Finance Playbook


A roadmap to more organised finances. Take control of your money, find out how to structurize it, how to create and manage savings, get rid of debt and multiply your capital.

Languages: 🇱🇻


Foundership Playbook (PDF)

Practice thinking like a founder. A practical guide with questions & exercises that teaches you what it takes to become a founder. Suitable for ~ 10-16 year-olds.

Language: 🇬🇧️️

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Creative Playbook NEW

Exercises for boosting creativity. Creative Playbook aims to help your creative muscles grow in writing, drawing, movement, and problem-solving. Suitable for individuals, facilitators, educators, and trainers.


The project „Creative Playbook” is co-funded by the European Union. 

Languages: 🇬🇧️️🇱🇻🇵🇱🇨🇿

Year: 2023

Good-Habit Playbook

28-day healthy habit journal with mini tasks for each day. It's a short challenge for yourself to get mentally, emotionally, physically healthier and improve relationships.


Created as a part of the Erasmus+ youth project with support from the EU and Baltijas Reginonalais Fonds.

Language: 🇬🇧️️

Year: 2017

Project Design Playbook

TRIAL VERSION. A project-based learning tool that will help to maintain focus while working on passion projects (or school projects). It guides through the different stages of project planning step-by-step and keeps all of thinking and ideas in one handy place. Suitable for individual work, group work and workshops, at home or school.


Created in collaboration with Learning Architect Nia Lewis and her students at Youth Inc. in Australia. 

Language: 🇬🇧️️

Year: 2019

I like to think of her playbook as the Business Model Canvas of Branding - it is like a practical crash-course in branding. It also enables you to get creative and write down things you never knew you that you knew! 

Mike Newman, 
CEO of Little Green, energy innovation, UK

Taking this zoomed-out perspective of my career plan led me to see new connections between my ideas, which also gave me completely new ideas. This book helps to step out from all the imaginary boundaries that limit us to take important small steps towards our big goals.

Rihards Aniņš,
DJ from Latvia

Our students who have trailed the career direction and healthy habits books over the holidays and LOVE them! They make complex processes fun and engaging and enhance the learning experience.

Nia Lewis,
Learning Architect at Youth Inc., Australia





A letter from Arta, the author.


Why most self-help books don't work? 


My answer:

Because the theory is just one step.

Have you ever read an awesome and super-motivating article or a book about how to improve your life/work etc? Sure you have. Me too. I also know that more often than not we don't actually apply the knowledge and tend to procrastinate with putting into practice that newly discovered amazing life-improving knowledge. Do we tend to spend too much time reading or watching videos and too little time applying that knowledge? And not only that - sometimes books are 3cm thick (with just words) or we finish a video and instantly go do something else without pondering about the topic of writing some thoughts down. 


I wanted to change this + make the reading process fun and add some thoughtful questions and exercises.

The other step is thoughtful action.

So I made workbooks that are SHORT, have tasks that make you THINK of how to apply that amazing life-changing knowledge and provides a place for your SCRIBBLES (notes, doodles, calculations, ideas etc.) so you get some results as you move though the playbook. And last but not least - they don't look like the other boring workbooks, because I hate boring design. I say, let your inner child out and have some FUN, write on all the free space, doodle, take you time.


These workbooks are made not only for personal use but also have been serving as practical tools for educators, psychologists, consultants, trainers of all sorts, providing a more engaging learning experience for students and clients.


About myself:

I am a Brand Designer with over 10 years of experience, a certified Coach and an eternal child. 


I love learning so much that I'm studying something all the time. I have been testing various self-discipline and self-coaching methods daily for years, coming up with my own short-fun-action oriented versions and now offering to you, the modern conscious human who's looking for a book that works.

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