Find the voice and image of your personal brand you wish to project onto the world


by Arta Citko


This brand design workbook is a simple and fun template for discovering & defining your brand elements & brand image in a playful D.I.Y. way. 

For those who don't want to hire a consultant, take any courses or read complicated literature before starting. It is for those who just want to take the first steps, to define the brand elements and start creating their personal brand.

Available as printable PDF (Eur 4.99) or physical workbook (Eur 9,99).



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One book, many benefits. Discover. Learn. Have fun.




+ Available in English or Latvian


+ Available as physical workbook or PDF


+ 20 pages (physical workbook ). Oh, yeah, this will not take a year to read!


+ 6 chapters packed with 17 thinking, writing and drawing tasks.


+ Takes about 2-5h to complete. Can be more. Can be less. Depending on how much time you spend on the answers


+ Tested with startup founders, with academic professors, with educators, with freelancers, with groups of youngsters at youth exchanges and at hackathons.


+ Current Version 5.0.




This little guidebook has given insights about how to name the new product, what packaging materials to use, how to position the brand, what words to use, what the logo will look like etc.

You can also apply a business or project idea in the playbook and to use it as a brainstorming tool to see how your project comes alive from a branding point of view. 

Will be useful for self-employed (or soon-to-be-self-employed), freelancers, startup founders, designers, e-store managers. 


This playbook helps existing companies to have fresh look at their existing brand from a bit different perspective. 

Also can be used by creative teams in ad agencies as a brainstorming tool to come up with ideas for their own clients



You will love this playbook if you: 


  • like learning in the process,

  • enjoy experimenting,

  • want to discover more about your idea or project from design & branding perspective,

  • want to get results quickly and be able to move on to the next thing.



Physical workbook

9.99 Eur

PDF instant download

4.99 Eur










Define the values that are most important to you. The core of your project and yourself personally. Discover how to communicate that.





Discover the right words to use to communicate your project. Define the most important to-do’s based on the goals you have. Create a slogan using the keywords and ideas you have already come up with. Imagine your future advertising by drawing your vision and the graphic elements to use in visual communication.





Define your value proposition more clearly by looking at different aspects of your ideal customer. Look at their physical, emotional and social pains and gains. Think about what they want to avoid or achieve. What's in it for them.





Define the big WHY behind your project. Describe your personal and social purpose. Think about your idea and your contribution to the world on a bigger scale.





Discover your brand character through your answers to a list of questions. Catch insights and ideas for marketing communications. Think about how you can use these characteristics in digital or face-to-face communication with your customer.





Create a short and simple brand style-guide by summarising all the nice things you have come up throughout the playbook. Use the summary as a cheat-sheet when creating visual or written content, like social media posts, videos, presentations etc. When you're ready to outsource a designer or design agency you will already have done your homework and the following collaboration will be much smoother.



Physical workbook

9.99 Eur

PDF instant download

4.99 Eur


I like to think of her playbook as the Business Model Canvas of Branding - it is like a practical crash-course in branding. It also enables you to get creative and write down things you never knew you that you knew!

Mike Newman





The Brand Character Playbook helps you to define the feel, voice & image of your brand as if it was a person. You can then use the character as a guide and inspiration for visual design, marketing communications and even sales.


The playbook guides you through different questions to explore & discover new aspects of your business idea, project or enterprise.


It includes thinking, writing & drawing. In the last pages of the playbook, you build up the character and fill the Summary Page with all the answers you've found throughout the playbook. The Summary Page can be used as a basis of your brand style guide. 




Physical workbook

9.99 Eur

PDF instant download

4.99 Eur