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Career Direction Playbook (PDF)

Career Direction Playbook (PDF)

Career Direction Playbook is a guided template for discovering your potential career, business, study path and other adventures. In these worksheets, you will find methods, ideas and questions that help with decision making. Use individually or in workshops.


    Suitable for individual work as well as in workshops or in class.


    The mission of the book is:


    To give you a TOOL through which you can discover possible career options that fit you personally. 


    To feed your IMAGINATION so it can produce some possible business ideas that are based on your interests and the impact you want to make. 


    To work BOTH SIDES of your brain - imagination & constructive thinking to come up with the next steps towards your goal. 


    To make you more COMPETENT in making choices about your own future, by giving you a method and questions you can use later on. 


    To INSPIRE you, and get you excited to pursue one of the career options you will come up with.


    The 4 main chapters of the playbook:



    Discover & define aspects of yourself.



    Discover what you love most about this world, what you are passionate about in this world and how you could improve the world around you in the future.



    Define some of the possible career or business options based on your answers from the previous two chapters.



    compare your options & pick your favourite one to calculate  the costs of your investment and to define the next steps


    Format: PDF

    Size: A4

    Pages: 13


    After the purchase, you will receive a download link.
    1. Download  / 2. Print / 3. Have fun!


    Each purchase represents one license for one user. 


    For large volume license orders for organizations or educational institutions please mail me at



    “We just bought the whole suite of Playbooks and can’t wait to use them with our students this term! They are the perfect tool for our holistic education model that focuses on supporting our students to build and apply their skills to achieve their learning, life and work goals. 

    Our students who have trailed the career direction and healthy habits books over the holidays LOVE them! They make complex processes fun and engaging and enhance the learning experience. Being able to record all their thinking, ideas and plans in one handy place, rather than on lots of different worksheets, is also a Dream for students and teachers alike!”

    - Nia Lewis, Learning Architect at Youth Inc., Australia


    "This little book made me smile. It showed me that not only some but all of my ideas can be turned into a business. It also made me realise that I don't know much about other people and brands that do things similar to my ideas.

    Taking this zoomed-out perspective of my career plan led me to see new connections between my ideas, which also gave me completely new ideas. This book helps to step out from all the imaginary boundaries that limit us to take important small steps towards our big goals.

    It would be very useful to anyone trying to decide their life path, especially students. In my opinion, every student should go through this kind of self-evaluating book, maybe even regularly to see how their interests and desires change over time. I hope it gets out there!"

    Rihards Anins (Youth worker & DJ) -


    Happy Playbooks is a support tool for creative processes in a paper workbook form and now also as printable worksheets. 


    It guides through a structured thinking process and helps to maintain focus on the task, providing a place where the user can write down the most important details form the creative process and to "connect the dots" ar the end. It also functions as an archive.


    Both, the paper playbooks and the printable worksheets are suitable for grown-ups and for students. For individual work and workshops, as a tool for teams, consultants, teachers and parents.

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