Test. What are your TOP5 values?

August 1, 2018

/2min read + do/


Define your Values with this #veryfuckingsimple 3-step exercise. 


This exercise is from the first chapter of Brand Character Playbook. By the end of the exercise you will have your Top5. It will take around 5 minutes.





From Wikipedia:


"Personal values provide an internal reference for what is good, beneficial, important, useful, beautiful, desirable and constructive. Values generate behaviour and influence the choices made by an individual." 


This means that our actions, behaviours and decisions are based on our personal values. Hard to make a decision? Maybe it’s worth checking in with your values?


So, what are your values right now in your life?





3-step exercise 


Find a paper and pen or open a new document. First you will choose around 10 values, then create your Top5 and add a short description to each. 



It will be your personal values statement. 



Step 1


What non-tangible things are most important to you? Pick around 10 values from the examples below (you can also add your own), that you find most relevant to yourself and care about the most. Note them down.


  advancement, adventure, autonomy, awareness, balance, beauty, collaboration, comfort, communication, compassion, contribution, creativity, dynamism, efficiency, expression, experimentation, fairness, faith, flexibility, fun, freedom, glory, health, honesty, honour, inspiration, intelligence, joy, justice, knowledge, love, legacy, mastery, mindfulness, passion, play, power, prestige, purpose, respect, risk, safety, sharing, simplicity, splendour, stability, support, sustainability, temperance, tradition, trust, unity, understanding, usefulness, victory, wealth, wellbeing, wisdom ... etc  



Step 2


Pick the 5 most important out of the 10 and create a Top5.









Step 3