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"Joy lives in action and experimentation," thought Arta and created one more template.

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Why you should define your brand character

Here is a tool that can make you more competent. A short book full of good perspective-shifting questions named “Brand Character Playbook”. I drew it a year ago.

It is here to help you discover more about your project, from more angles. So that you can make decisions about your brand with more confidence & accuracy and less uncertainty & doubt.

Open a new pair of eyes through which you can see your brand as a person and to benefit from applying its characteristics in the communication with your customer.

And I relate here more to the (1) self-employed, (2) soon-to-be-self-employed and (3) startup founders who like experimenting and never stop learning and improving personally and professionally.

I know what questions to ask to switch your mind in a creative mode. And we do not have to meet in person for me to ask these questions to you, cause they are more or less the same at the beginning for everyone, as I have found out in the past 8 years of my design career. Here is proud me with the 1st printed copy of the Brand Character Playbook last (2017) May.

After you have defined (and become aware) of the basics & the structure of positioning, tone of voice and visual image of your brand by answering the questions in the book, we can then move on to the next step - fine-tuning the overall image and design of the brand.

It is smooth communication when you and I both know the terms we will be using when we move on to the next step of fine-tuning & designing specific materials like a logo, a brand style-guide, social media post templates, posters, website, presentation and so on.

And when you get your hands on a new exciting project next time you will be able to skip the guessing part & instead lead others in defining the positioning & the overall image of your new wonderful venture.

If this sounds like fun for you get the playbook here. -

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