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"Joy lives in action and experimentation," thought Arta and created one more template.

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A very simple monthly balance plan

How to set balanced goals? The idea is to set goals in these seven categories, not just one or two.

Here is a method from an awesome book "The Power of Focus" by J. Canfield, M.V. Hansen and L. Hewitt. And a #veryfuckingsimple template I drew included.

My 5-year goals template A4
Planning my balanced goals in the 28-Day Good-Habit Playbook

I was using a template like this every month for more than a year until these categories were ingrained in my brain. And I made my life more complicated (or is it challenging?) and had at least 5-8 things in each. #artasmarta

Set goals in 7 categories

For a more balanced life set not only financial or business goals but also relationship, health, fun time goals etc. Authors mentioned suggest to regularly set your goals in these 7 categories:

  1. Financial

  2. Business & career

  3. Health & fitness

  4. Fun time

  5. Personal

  6. Relationships

  7. Contribution

the 7 categories with a few hints
the 7 categories with a few hints

Set at least 1-2 goals that you want to accomplish in the next 30 days in each of these seven categories.

You can do it in your notebook, excel or just use a blank A4 paper, put it up on a wall as a reminder every morning about what your focus is.

Wishing you smart and motivating goals!

If you have any questions about this method, feel free to write me or comment.

Download the PDF template:
Download PDF • 932KB


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