10 tips on how to survive a project

April 9, 2019

/5 min read/


What do you do when the going gets tough? 


To celebrate our new Project Design Playbook I collected 10 top tips from people who have different backgrounds and experiences, who all have amazed me in some way, about how to survive and not quite a project. 

Share your tips in the comments! We’ll use them to inspire & support students to achieve their project goals and lead the change they want to see in their own lives, community & the world. You can download our new playbook here.


Let's go!




Nia Lewis // Learning Architect at Youth Inc. in Australia and the co-author of the Project Design Playbook.


Surround yourself with good people and make sure to make time for kicking back and having fun together, as well as regular sharing of your wins and worries. It’s always other people who have got me through - offering alternative perspectives, sharing new insights and ideas, helping you rediscover the light or just making you laugh when you feel like crying. To quote Malcom X “When I is replaced with we, even illness becomes wellness”. Good Luck!




Carlos Saba // Co-Founder of Happy Startup School. An online community where Nia and I met!


In my experience the worst projects were the ones that seemed to never end because the goal posts kept on moving. I lost all enthusiasm for the work and my creativity melted away. Be focused on the outcome you want to create and tightly manage the scope of the work. Be disciplined when deciding what’s in and what’s out and push back on anything that seems like fluff. Constraint inspires creativity.





M Wallace Green // A dear cheerleader of mine, Business Innovation Coach and Digital Storytelling Expert.


Over the years I’ve worked on formulating value propositions and positioning with hundreds of entrepreneurs. I’ve found that especially in the early ideation and brainstorming phase the