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"Joy lives in action and experimentation," thought Arta and created one more template.

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Life rules by Arta Citko, the master of reality. // Rule No. 2

You gotta have fun. #veryfuckingsimple

I actually wanted to put this as the rule No.1 because I totally love it. And it sounds fun. Obviously.

Rule #2

Anyway, remember the first rule? Better problems = better life a.k.a. spend your energy on shit that brings you value.

When you put them together it sounds even better:

Do fun shit that brings you value! Boom!

You: But how can I have fun when I am working? Or mopping a floor? Or doing dishes? Or [insert other meaningless problem]?

Arta: Here is a #veryfuckingsimple answer for you: Find your fun switch and switch it on.

The fun switch

You know what’s fun for you. You yourself have to find that switch. You yourself have to switch it on. On your way to work, at work, in a boring meeting, when doing dishes etc.

So, when it gets dull, find your switch and switch it on!

Because the rule Nr 2 is that You gotta have fun!


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