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"Joy lives in action and experimentation," thought Arta and created one more template.

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Life rules by Arta Citko, the master of reality. // Rule No. 2

You gotta have fun. #veryfuckingsimple

I actually wanted to put this as the rule No.1 because I totally love it. And it sounds fun. Obviously.

Rule #2

Anyway, remember the first rule? Better problems = better life a.k.a. spend your energy on shit that brings you value.

When you put them together it sounds even better:

Do fun shit that brings you value! Boom!

You: But how can I have fun when I am working? Or mopping a floor? Or doing dishes? Or [insert other meaningless problem]?

Arta: Here is a #veryfuckingsimple answer for you: Find your fun switch and switch it on.

The fun switch

Yeah! #veryfuckingsimple

You know what’s fun for you. You yourself have to find that switch. You yourself have to switch it on. On your way to work, at work, in a boring meeting, when doing dishes etc.

So, when it gets dull, find your switch and switch it on!

Because the rule Nr 2 is that You gotta have fun!


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