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"Joy lives in action and experimentation," thought Arta and created one more template.

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A very simple habit improvement template

A task from the 28-Day Good-Habit Playbook day 5.

In order to get where we want there are sometimes some things to drop, some to start, and some we can keep doing. Some habits can be a blessing, some a curse, and can either support or hinder to reach our goals.

STOP-START-CONTINUE lists can help you discover and become more conscious of how you can effectively move closer to your goal, and also create supporting habits on the way.

It's a #veryfuckingsimple list-making / planning method.

Step 1

Pick an important goal you want to reach in the next two months. Write it down and write down the date by which you want it done.

Step 2

Fill the 3 lists:

In the I CONTINUE list write what you can continue doing, what habits and actions already support you to move closer to your goal. In the I STOP list write what you need to stop doing. These can be attitudes, habits, beliefs, actions, etc. And rarely we can just drop something if there is nothing to replace it with. So, in the I START list write what new things you need to do instead, that will support you in moving closer to your goal.

Once the lists are completed, plan your time according to the steps you have defined and keep yourself accountable.

Download the PDF and fill it, to discover how you can effectively move closer to your goal.

Download PDF • 833KB


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