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So without much foreplay.. here is my first blog post! YAY!

Some days ago a friend of mine answering a question about his favourite food answered Full English Breakfast. So today at breakfast table looking at my plate it got me wondering what is the Latvian version. Here is a take of my today's Full Latvian Breakfast.




2x eggs with a runny middle (this time baked) gifted to you by a dear friend who lives in Latvian countryside


1 slice of real countryside 30h baked rye bread (bought in a supermarket):

- 1/2 slice with homemade pesto (from basil grown in your own garden)

- 1/2 slice with your mom’s homemade strawberry jam from the last year


1 tomato from your mom's greenhouse cut in 8 slices, sprinkled with salt, pepper & the same dried homegrown basil


1 sliced apple from yours or neighbour's garden (or from the same friend who gave you the eggs)


5 dried prunes (a.k.a. dried plums) because they just go so good together with all the other parts


1 cup of rich black coffee with a tablespoon of Latvian bee honey & just a bit of 35% whipping cream

Best enjoyed with an article from Harvard Business Review or post from Richard Branson’s blog.

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