10 short lessons from founders

July 19, 2018

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What does it take to set up & run that lemonade stand? 



On May 25th I saw Kaidi Ruusalepp (Founder and CEO of Funderbeam) speaking at startup conference Latitude59 about a thing called foundership and what elements & mindset is necessary to be a founder.


She inspired me to make my next playbook about what it takes to be a founder. After her speech I went to her and offered to make a playbook based on her message. And Kaidi immediately accepted! Now less than 2 months later we created the Foundership Playbook, a short & practical workbook that educates in a playful way about how to become a founder.



 Here is both us us, after the Foundership Playshop for kids at the Funderbeam office in Tallinn. 




I am also a founder and launched my first business at age 18 (now I'm 27 and a half). My brother & my mom were founders as well, when I think about it. I looked up to my brother when I was a kid and wanted to be like him, to also be my own boss when I grow up. And later my mom, around age 60, started her own business.


I guess what I learned from watching both of them is when you want and know how to do something you can make a business out of it and get paid for it! What I didn’t know back then is all the other stuff. But I learned quickly, and you can, too. I can honestly say - If I knew everything before launching the business, I wouldn't probably have even started! But now I look back with a proud smile on my face! And I've learned a lot. And I am grateful to myself for the experience.


And I bet after 10 years you will be grateful to yourself too, that you started something.



What does my influencers and friends who have inspired me each in some way, have to say about their experience as founders?


Here are their stories: 




Andris Epners // My probably most adventurous & active friend who founded and runs a mind and body fitness studio Placebo Factory in Latvia.


"The failure is the biggest blessing that can happen. Failure helps to look at projects or ideas from different perspective and improve it in ways you couldn't imagine before."






Kaidi Ruusalepp // My inspiration (and the co-author) of the new Foundership Playbook, Founder and CEO of Funderbeam.


"When I was a kid we had to collect herbs for a school project. So I created a game with my younger cousins where a piece of herb was a currency and I was a shop keeper. And I basically exchanged all kind of goods into herb “currencies”. Within some hours I collected the amount of herbs otherwise I had to spend days to collect. :)"